Monday, January 14, 2008

I should probably go to sleep already

It's 1:15 in the morning, and I've just spent the past 2 hours catching up on all the blogs in my blog-roll. There are some really stupendous writers out there, and far too many people going through unbelievably bad things with amazing grace and courage.

The boys and I cuddled into my bed and watched a silly movie on Lifetime until about 10:25. Micah kept saying he was bored, Sam kept yawning. So I finally said it was time to go to bed. "But we're totally not tired."

I said, "I'll sing, and I bet you'll be asleep in 3 minutes."

Micah: "Ok, but I'm totally not tired!"

10:27, I started singing.

10:30, Micah was softly snoring. (Ha! 3 minutes flat!). Sam murmured "I'm not tired" before snoring.

So I cleaned out the humidifiers (burned my leg by dropping Sofia's unit and splashing my leg with hot water!), and have been reading blogs. There are so many, but especially of note (and in NO particular order):

That's not to say the others aren't totally wonderful, but these all gave me something extra to think about (or, in Pam's case, to worry about!).

I really MUST try to go to sleep now (but I'm totally not tired!).


Tom said...

Thanks for the kudos here on you blog... appreciate it.

I'm so far behind on my commenting on other's blogs that I should start another blog where everyone can come to read my responses... but then I'd need another blog to ...

Maybe I'll just have to start staying up until 1 am everyday. :)