Thursday, February 14, 2008

Called on Account of ... Rain

Ug, they canceled school in Framingham yesterday, and all it did was rain. Ok, monsoon. But really, WHY? All the other towns in the area had school. So not only did I have the boys home, but Sofia missed her last day of Transition Group (including her only scheduled birthday party!).

Oh well. I took the kids to the Dollar Store and bought a bunch of art suplies (which Sam and I used). And Sofia napped in the car while Micah played on the Nintendo and Sam had his therapy appointment.

In the morning, I had the TV on to check the weather, and I ended up watching a bit of Good Morning America (maybe it was Today). ָ They had a segment on "cool toys" - yeah. Hulk Hands, requiring the child to PUNCH something in order to activate the noise, and a climbing Spiderman, where you point a remote and watch Spidy go Up, then Down. Oh, and lights blink. This is "cool"?


Great, we just had our last EI session, and I found out that playgroup was NOT canceled yesterday! Ugh.


I have been reading a Calvin & Hobbes book, and tracking how closely Micah falls into that mold. Apparently if I call what I make for supper "monkey brains" it will have more appeal for a 6 year old boy.

Have to go try to fix my computer now. I upgraded to Leopard on Sunday, and several key things have "broken", like I can't print and I can't synch my iPhone. Grrr.