Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Picture Day, and EI Party

It was School Picture Day today, and the over-caffeinated mommy that I am, I was the parent liaison for the photographer. So Sofia and I spent all morning at the school, usherng kids to and fro. First we did each class, group shot and individuals, then I had to find all the siblings - Micah was only the 3rd worst-behaved child today. I did get a pic not just of the two boys together, but also of all three kids. Of course, Sofia chose exactly that moment ot have her melt-down; otherwise she did great all morning.

We only had about 90 minutes before the next event, so I grabbed us some lunch and drove around a bit hoping she would go to sleep. No luck, so then I sat in the EI parking lot, eating my lunch and then cleaning the car.

Sofia's Early Intervention team threw her a little "party", just for us (David came too). It was lovely. Last night I made all three of them little postcards with photos of them with Sofia over the course of this year, and I got them all Target gift cards. They in turn got Sofia a new Signing Times video (the vol 2 Happy Birthday one!).

Here is Sofia with T, K and M:

(oh, and of course some toys!).

Then we raced over to pick up the boys, and it was off to Tae Kwan Do. I swear, I lose a week of my life for every Tuesday afternoon there. It's SO loud. And Sofia did not fall asleep in the car, so she was crabby but still running around alot. I'm exhausted now.

When we got home, E fed Sofia while I fed the boys, and E put Sofia to sleep before we were even done. Now the boys are out, too!

Tomorrow is Sofia's last Transition Group, so I will bring cupcakes there in the morning. Then she gets to attend the Lunch Bunch over at the synagogue (yikes, that means I have to pack HER a lunch too!) while I attend the Rabbi's staff meeting (I'm the co-chair of the Early Childhood Education Committee [of course], and we are going to talk to the staff about our programs).

I can't believe my little girl is turning 3 next week! Last night I updated her Sign list - she's well into about 175 signs, and I've lost count of her verbals. Yesterday she signed "potato", "colors" and "paper" all unprompted, and today she SAID "cookie" and she's been saying "please" for a few days.

(and my husband did something ot my camera, so now my photos are all grainy!)