Monday, February 25, 2008

Sofia's First Day of Preschool

Ok, I guess I was a little spoiled by the incredibly terrific service providers from Early Intervention, and by the structure of the nursery school where the boys attended. So I was not completely thrilled with the school experience this morning. But I wasn't horrified, either. Just somewhat "eh".

The biggest problem, I think, it the waiting. School starts at 8:45. Parents drive to the door, and teachers take the kids out of the car. (Today I stayed with Sofia all day, so we got there early). They sit the kids on benches inside the hallway, still in their coats and snowpants and boots, until the whole class has arrived. THEN they go outside for play! So today, being the first day after vacation, it took about 20 minutes for everyone to arrive, which meant the kids were just sitting there, fully bundled. Sofia does NOT like to sit still! So one of the aides had to hold her in her lap.

Outside, there is no preschool playground - the preschoool used to be at a different school, and the neighbors there built a lovely playground, but when the preschool moved to the 1&2nd grade building, they could not take the playground). So the kids just "play" in the snow. Which, for someone wearing size 18month snow pants amd hardly used to snow boots, is not all that much fun. Sofia SAT on the snow in a circle with the other girls. Sigh.

After that, however, it got better. Sofia had to be lap-sat again for circle time, mostly because she was so curious to go see what the teacher was holding. So I got a bit frustrated for her. But she loved singing, especially "Wheels on the Bus", and liked the story the teacher read.

Free play was ok, too. She had a nice time playing cars and trucks with two of the boys, and then spent the rest of the time in "dramatic play", with the baby dolls and the "kitchen". The aide mostly stayed with her - she's not "dedicated" to her, but Sofia and the other girl with DS seemed to require the most attention from the aides (there is one other kid with a full-time aide, but they weren't always in the class; the other two aides are not "assigned" to any particular kid).

I was there to translate (and because I have not signed the IEP yet, so I am not allowed to leave her!). But I tried to just keep back, and let the teachers do the work. I had to repeatedly ask them to make her say more than one word. They would not prompt her. Maybe it was just a matter of getting used to her. I did speak to the teacher and the Speech Path at the end, so Wednesday morning at her "team" meeting, they will talk about it.

Sofia had fun, and was STARVING when we left. The whole ride home, she kept yelling EAT at me! I was exhausted, because I had not slept well (too much going on this week, and Sofia and Micah both have winter coughs). So we napped at the boys' school for a few hours before pickup.

Ok, here are some pictures:

Getting ready, with BACKPACK:
Sofia ready for Preschool

Exploring before the oter kids arrive:
Sofia before school starts

Tromping through the snow:
Sofia in snow with teachers

"Talking" to her teacher:
Sofia talking to Ms. T.

Brushing the baby's teeth:
Sofia brushing babydoll's teeth


So, we'll see what happens. I have to get the IEP amended, to add something about "adaptive equipment as needed", because she can't reach anything with the chairs and stepstolls they have. Otherwise, I think it'll be ok.

On a different note, I took Sam rock-climbing at REI yesterday. He hasn't been there in about a year, and he did ALL 7 rock walls! Like a spider monkey!

Sam Rock Climbing
Sam on Wall 2
Sam on Wall 3


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Sofia is just to cute..she liked like an old pro talking to her teacher. I hope the IEP goes the way you want..and you get what you want.

Sam is amazing..loved the pics.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

She looks so grown up going to school. She'll get the hang of the new routine and they'll get the hang of her strengths and weaknesses as well. I hope they are willing to mold a bit for you.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Sofia looks so cute on her first day!!! I hope things go better at school!

amy flege said...

I am sure school will work out great for Sofia!! She sure looks like she enjoys it!!!How is mom doing with it all?
oh and eeekk on that wall climbing. my kids do that too and i cringe everytime they do it!!