Monday, May 21, 2007

Where did all the 2 year olds come from?!

For the past two years, I have been part of a wonderful on-line community ( While the kids in the group are in a variety of age-groups, we do have quite a cohort from Sofia's year. And for a long time, all the moms (and a few dads) were content to write about the little details of our sweet babies lives.

Well, they've all turned 2! And what a lively bunch of toddlers we've got! It seems like every other post now is "look what s/he got into today". It's amazing to watch an entire gang of supposedly "disabled" children explode into the exact same type of wild, self-centered, stubborn behavior as their 46-chromosomed counterparts.

La Principessa had been in a MOOD all day - er, make that all week. She is stubborn, demanding, loud, and mischievous. She's also a bit spitty today, so she's not feeling 100%. So I'm exhausted.

I made a DVD to send down to our friends in Florida, and when the kids and I watched it (for proofing purposes), every time David's picture appeared, Sofia cried out for him. It was very sweet.

I finally got up my courage to go into Barnes & Noble and talk to the manager about an author event - and the manager was out! But I got the name of the person, so I'll try another day.

I'm downloading video for J now, and will make her a DVD from her memory sticks. This is fun.