Sunday, August 26, 2007

Active Day

Wow. I feel so strong. So fit. So buff. So...tired. And sweaty. We took all three kids canoing this afternoon! David sits in front, to handle the "strong" rowing, but I sit in the back both to handle the steering (yes, I like to be in control) and to keep an eye on the kids.

The boys did okay, aside from the occasional extreme shifting of weight from one side to the other. Sofia was a little unhappy. Sam had to keep feeding her (grapes and chips) or she would stand up and try to climb into my lap, which was a problem when I was rowing!

So we stayed on the water only for an hour, but it was a lot of fun. After that, the boys all looked around the "viking" castle near Brandeis (I think it's really a Civil War-era structure). Then we drove the long way out towards Worcester. We stopped in Sudbury at the Wayside Inn Grist Mill. It was pretty cool. The boys and I walked all around, while Sofia continued to take all of Dada's attention.

Eventually we got to Worcester (I took a short nap in the car). The kids played at a Playground for a while, and then we went to Sole Proprietor to meet my inlaws for dinner. Food was good, but Micah was a bit bouncy and all three kids got really tired when they were done eating. Eventually I ended up in the car with Micah and Sofia while the others finished their meals.

Yesterday, David and I got to have a "date" in Boston. He'd gotten gift certificates to P.F. Chang's when he was on a business trip recently, so we went there. i think I'm too used to the simple tastes of Japanese food, because the complexities of Szecuan really don't work any more - my tummy was aching all night. And I think we're getting to old to go somewhere quite to "hip" - it was just loud and crowded. But it was nice to be out just the two of us. After dinner, we walked through the Prudential Center and Copley, and up and down Newbury Street for a while. We were going to have tea later, but everything closed by 9:30! So we were home at 11:00. Sigh. Well, at least it was early enough for our babysitter to go out!

I'm supposed to take the kids to my friend's summer house in Rhode Island tomorrow. Should be fun - her son is the same age as Sammy, and her daughter is just a year younger than Micah, and they all get along well. And last time we were there, Sofia had a blast at the beach.

We watched "The Good Shepherd" on Friday. Odd movie. At the end, I asked David when it was actually going to start, because it just didn't really seem to have a point. Then we watched the deleted scenes, and I felt as if it was a whole different movie (one that made sense now). Oh well.

Oh, and we did go to shul yesterday - my first time all summer, and it figures we were back in the main sanctuary. But the kids did well. Sam stayed in services the whole time (because his friend R was there; she's a very good influence). Micah played with G and Sofia went to babysitting after a while. It was nice to see people again.

I can't think of much else. I've been surfing more, and fine-tuning the Blogarithm stuff. It's kind'a cool - I get an email whenever any blogs I read are updated.


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Did they like the canoing?

You went on a date...remind what that is?

amy flege said...

wow.. you are brave taking all the kids canoing..... we have done that a couple times with our older kids but I dont know how mayson would do!