Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last "full" days of summer!

Whew! We made it through the summer. Tomorrow morning is Micah's "Kindergarten Visit", and then Thursday, they will be IN SCHOOL! Yippie!

Yesterday I took all three kids down to my friend's summer house in Rhode Island. She has a boy Sam's age and a girl one year younger than Micah, and the kids all get along great. See photos below. It was a long day - we ate lunch, then went to the beach for a few hours, then dinner. Sofia had a blast on the beach; she was tired, so at one point she was just lounging on her tummy, shoveling. She was coated with s. Later, she conned my friend into giving her a ride on the scooter. She was also sound asleep by 2 miles down the road when we left.

Today was also busy. Babysitter arrived 9am. First I took Sofia to the playground for her EI (co-treat with OT and Speech). Then I dropped her home and picked up Micah to do some errands, including getting his bangs trimmed (he's decided he want to grow his hair, too). Then I dropped him off and picked up Sam to go see Ratatouille. Cute movie, although the rat images were sometimes a bit much. Sam and I made a quick stop at the Christmas Tree shop, and I bought the boys "Boogie Boards" for the beach (yes, a day too late). Then I picked up all the kids and we went to the pool for a while.

Here are some photos of Sofia at the beach and on the scooter:Sitting Pretty

Uh, mommy, is this good for my skin?

Yuch, I got a mouthfull of sand!
Never too early for your first facial, right?

Sofia and S on the scooter

Faster, lady, faster!