Friday, August 17, 2007

Indoor Day

Well, Sofia has Sam's cold now, so we're just going to have a lazy in-door day today. Sofia is upstairs with me watching Signing Times vol.2, and the boys are downstairs watching...uh...I've approved of the Disney Channel and PBS, but sometimes the TV "slips" to another station. It's as if the Power Rangers are changing the channel for them!

My first night in my NEW BED was lovely (except that at one point, either a spider or a long hair from David drifted across my neck and freaked me out!). But otherwise, very comfy. Ahhhhhh.

I went across the street for a Scrapbooking evening, and I got so much done. My neighbor is a Creative Memories consultant (here's her website), and every so often she has these workshops in her basement. I never get a chance to do any scrapbooking unless I go over there. I have all my stuff in boxes, and it fits nicely on a luggage cart.

Yesterday I got bold and made a call to the NDSC about next summer's conference in Boston. D and I have been talking about organizing a Shabbat dinner and helping attendees who need Shabbat arrangements. I spoke to the Executive Director. He was very nice, and asked that we email him the details of what we are looking to do. I also put in a call to the Disabilities council at the JCC, in case they can help us too. And I had a lovely chat with the rabbi at Natick Chabad, about potential programs for Sofia when she is older, in case it doesn't work to send her to the Day School.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you: I got a 92 on my Hebrew Final!!!!


Shannon said...

I just love the way scrapbooks look, but I just don't have it in me to do them myself. Blogging is the closest I've come to scrapbooking!