Thursday, August 23, 2007

Funniest eBay post EVER

Ok, I just about never use the acronym ROTFLMAO, but I have to this time. I was in tears, I was laughing so hard. Check out this eBay ad, and her blog.

Better day today. My friend came over with her girls. The kids all played outside a bit, then had lunch. I ran to the grocery store while they ate (I had no bread or fruit left!). Then they all watched a movie while Sofia had EI. She signed "red", "yellow" and "blue" and SAID "apple" and "umbrella"!

Then I logged on and found out about this woman's eBay ad and blog. TOO FUNNY!

Then we packed the kids (and the bikes and skateboards and scooter) into the cars and went to the Sherbourne playground for a while. My friend took her girls home from there. I took my kids for ice cream.

Now we're home, I've already given Sofia her bath. The boys are outside somewhere. I've got a meeting tonight, so our ex-nanny is coming to babysit, which makes the boys VERY happy.

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Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

That is the funniest ebay auction ever. I read it after Vicki posted it on the T21 board and have been reading her blog since then. She has me in stitches!

FBF Rothkopf said...

Yeah, that's were I picked up the link, too, and I was practically peeing in my pants as I read the ebay post and her blog. I read the post to my hubby that night, and he was fairly amused, too!