Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The End of An Era

This is it! No More WaterBed!!!!! David just emptied the bags and is in the process of dragging all the framing downstairs. Tomorrow, the nice moving people from Jordan's Furniture will bring me my NEW BED. A REAL bed, not just a bag of water!


I'm a little happy about this (can you tell?). David is so sad. He loves the waterbed (I despise it, in case you have not noticed). But after 10 years together, it's my turn. Yeah!

So while the water was draining, I made a list of Sofia's signs and verbal words. That girl has quite the vocabulary! 55 real signs (that I can remember tonight - I'm sure I'll come up with some more tomorrow). We had dinner at N&P's house, and we were trying to make up the list. I suddenly realized that she's been signing "cookie", not "key" (except sometimes she IS signing "key").

She's also wearing her first nightgown tonight, direct from N's daughter (where she gets most of her clothing). Adorable. Sofia and G were dancing around, looking quite girlie. My little one is growing up!

N&P have a dog, though, and even though it is a "hypoallergenic" dog (Portuguese Water Dog, does not shed), the boys still had to be Benadryled when we left - both their faces were puffy and they were sneezing like mad. They had the roughest time because the boys all played downstairs, where there is carpeting, while the ladies stayed upstairs in the kitchen, with wood floors.


Shannon said...

I used to love my waterbed, but there came a time that I couldn't wait to get rid of it, too! I hope you enjoy the new bed!

amy flege said...

never had a waterbed but we just got a new mattress and iam in heaven too!! happy sleeping!!!! zzzzzzzz