Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Day of School

Hooray! It's finally here! School is in session!

Ok, I do know that some of you are actually TEACHERS, and that you are destined to spend your days in classrooms full of kids, but you have the advantage in this case - my children behave MUCH better for other people than they ever would for me. So I will continue to gleefully dance the "Most Wonderful Day" dance, and thank you for going into such a noble profession. Better you than me!

[Actually, I'm generally ok when I have to deal with other people's kids. It's only my own who drive me insane.]

So we all drove up and parked on the hill (observing the new Traffic rules). David came, too, which was nice.

Here is my Kindergartener (Micah) and my Third Grader (Sam) on their way to school:

Micah was so eager to get there:

Do you think Sam's backpack is too big for him?

After drop-off, several Mommies and Daddies met for coffee at our favorite Starbucks (along with Sofia and one other young lady). It was nice that 3 of the dads were there; we made the boys sit at their own table.

Then Sofia and I left to pick up the babysitter, so she could accompany me to my hair cut and keep Sofia amused, but La Principessa fell asleep before we got to E's college, so I told E not to bother. I got my hair cut, and then walked around the mall a bit (Sofia stayed asleep during the cut and both transfers into and out of the car, but woke up at the mall).

I was looking for a new medical case for Micah, to take his EpiPen, Benadryl and Albuterol. Eventually I found something (not at the mall) - a Kodak printer bag, that's just the right size. I also bought a combination lock for it. The school said that as long as the kids cannot access it, I can keep it in his backpack all the time (important for playdates).

Sofia and I rushed home thinking we had EI, but the specialist called to say we were late to meet her at the center. Drats, I messed up. And there wasn't enough time. So we skipped Development this week.

Off we went to pick up the boys, and we all stayed on the playground for an hour and a half. Micah and the other kindergarteners were soooooo tired, but the teacher said he had a lot of fun (he, of course, gave it a "thumbs down"). Sam had a good day, too, although he didn't eat his sandwich until after school (because he was afraid that his nut-allergic friend was allergic to the incredibly nut-free sunflower-seed butter on his sandwich).

Now the boys are asleep. Miss Sofia is still exploring the contents of the laundry basket in my room, and I'm trying to finish the DVD for my friend, but I'm having some technical difficulties. David is off at his friend's house for a boys' night out.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I didn't even know sunflower-seed butter existed! You learn something new everyday!