Monday, August 13, 2007

Thank heavens for Signing Times videos!

What a day! Sam's had a low fever since Saturday morning (he also threw up on Saturday). Sofia had a teething fever over the weekend too, but not today. So this morning we all trucked over to the pediatrician. Sam's just got a virus, swollen glands, stuffy nose. No strep. Micah's been fine (jealous, 'tho - when I said we were taking his siblings to the doc, he said "What about ME?").

So now we're home. Miss Sofia is still teething, and a bit miserable, but would not nap (we drove around a while, but no luck).When we got home, there was a new Signing Times video waiting - I just ordered vol. 2 and vol. 4 - so the three are semi-cuddled on my bed now. Whew.

Otherwise it was a nice weekend. Friday night we had Shabbat dinner at M&A's house. Saturday evening we went to R&J's house - we finally got to plan the wedding ceremony (which means I spent all afternoon working on their wedding instead of doing Hebrew homework).

Sunday we slept late, relaxed a bit, then drove up and had a picnic in Lexington. Then the boys rode their bikes (yes, even Micah!) on the Minuteman Trail for a little while. Miss Sofia had to settle for a ride in the stroller (although R&J's new neighbor gave Sofia a tricycle!). Then a quick dip at the pool.

I was up late finishing my Hebrew homework, and I'm about to launch into the Final Exam! Yikes.

I took the kids to the mall for lunch, and Sofia was raging, so it was pretty interesting. I hadn't taken in the stroller, and she did NOT want to hold anyone's hand. I had the boys "flank" her while I carried the tray of food, but eventually I had to pick her up. She just kept screaming.