Friday, August 10, 2007

Some fun pictures

I love having a little camera in my purse - I can take a shot whenever something cute happens!

Last week, Sofia and I helped R pick up her wedding dress. Miss Sofia had a blast with the mirrors in the dressing room area!
When we got home that day, I put together her new Tripp Trapp Chair. She was so impatient for me to finish building it. She loves to sit in it; she asks (by sign) for "help" to "sit", and it's such fun to have her at the table with us.

Here's Sofia and Daddy at the Arlo Guthrie concert in Freeport, ME last week:
The next day we went to CT to pick up Micah, and much to Sam's chagrin, Aunt Melissa insisted on french-braiding his hair!
Here's the finished product:
Sofia and Pop Grandpa Ron thought it was pretty funny:
And yesterday, Sofia got to ride a bike for the first time!
Well, not really - her feet didn't quite reach the pedals:but she had fun borrowing our friend's bike and pretending to be like the other big kids. We picnicked with friends in Natick Center, and Sam and A. got to ride over to the library all by themselves, and Micah actually rode his bike (rather than his scooter).

You'll notice a significant lack of decent pictures of Micah. He tends to clown for the camera or refuse to have his picture taken, so it's incredibly tough to get a good picture of him. But a few weeks ago, we went to Concord for the afternoon, and I managed to get this lovely shot of my boys:


amy flege said...

oh those are all great photos!! the one of the boys is so cute and little miss sofia, well i cant get enough of her!!!

Leticia said...

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Tara Marie said...

What amazing pictures...I'm loving your blog. Sofia is just precious and getting so big.