Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

Whew! It was non-stop all weekend. Let's see:

1. I picked the boys and my friends' daughters up from school at 2pm Friday and went back to their house for a Sukkah party for Micah's class (one girl is Sam's age, one is Micah's).

Back home to rest for 45 minutes before...

2. Dinner at "Binny's House" (my friend D and her crew), in the Sukkah for Shabbat. Really really nice time. My kids are very comfortable around hers now. Sam and her younger daughter are the same age, and they get along well, and Micah just follows the 2nd son around learning geeky things like how to solve a Rubix cube or do card tricks. D's family is wonderful and warm and I loved spending time with them.

And the Sofia fell asleep on the way home and STAYED asleep for the transfer to the crib! I was worried, since she hadn't napped until the ride down there, and I had to wake her for dinner.

4. We took it easy in the morning (I won't say we slept late, since Sofia was up by 6am), and got to synagogue around 11:00. Of course, since it was a holiday (still Sukkot), the service went longer anyway. There was a nice luch by the Bat Mitzvah's family, and then

5. I walked with the kids and an extra boy down a few blocks to a sukkah party. Very nice time, lots of synagogue and school friends.

6. I walked back with Sofia, Sam and the extra boy to pick up the car at shul, then drove back to get Micah, and took them all home for a bit of playdate. My boys both like this kid, but they play differently with him, so when one was playing with him, the other was playing with Sofia. At one point, Sam and Sofia "climbed" (with a string/rope tied to the top of the staircase) up the "mountain" and put on firefighter backpacks and knights' shields... She loved it!

7. Took the kid back to his house and had pizza there. Sofia fell asleep in the car, stayed asleep to transfer to their couch, and stayed asleep back to our car AND back home to her crib! Slept from 6:00 pm until about 5:30 this morning.

8. I got to watch a movie last night ("Kissing Jessica Stein", very lovely, the scene with mother and daughter always makes me cry), and go to sleep early.

9. Soccer this morning. Left the house at 8am, dropped Sam at upper campus at 9am, spent the next hour and a half FREEZING in the raw windy weather at lower campus for Micah's game. Sofia climbed every structure on the playground without any help:


10. Spent a crabby car ride with crabby children, looking for a place to eat where we could ALL get something without complaining. Wound up at a deli in Framingham, shared eggs with Sofia. Food helped some of the crabbiness, but not all.

11. Some quick shopping - Micah needed new shin guards and Sam needed goalie gloves for soccer. We tried to find some shoes for Sam (no luck, and he's torn a huge hole in his sneaker), but MIcah actually got 2 collar shirts and a pair of shoes. We'll see if he actually wears them...

Back home for 30 minutes, to change and wrap a gift, then...

12. I dropped Micah at his friend's birthday party, but it turns out we were an hour early! But this family is VERY nice, and let Micah stay and play (they have 3 boys, and two of them are good friends of MIcah's). I had thought the party was 2:00 - 4:00, but it was really 3:00 - 6:00. Yikes! And I started by trying to drop him at the wrong house, and I was ringing the doorbell, wondering where the party was...

13. Ok, got rid of one child. Took Sam and Sofia to Shoppers World to do some monetary damage to the budget. We did well. Sofia needed diapers in all formats (diapers, overnights, and pull-ups), and I desperately needed new door handle covers, since she can now open all the doors (including basement and door to outside!). Over at Marshalls, we picked out a ski jacket for Micah (but it will be returned, he doesn't like it - surprise surprise), a fluffy pink rosebud sweater for Sofia, hats and glvoes for Sam, and ski pants and jacket for Sofia. At Bob's, Sam found sneakers (but in the car decided he didn't really like them), and at Old Navy, Sam got a jacket and 2 pair of pants (and we got pants for Micah, which were also rejected by picky-boy).

14. Went to another friends' house to eat in their sukkah. They have a 2 year old boy (the one whose hand I had to hold during services last week), and a kindergartener who adores Sam. And another friend came with his two daughters, one Sofia's age and one 18 months. So it was fun. And I called to the birthday party to see if I could pick Micah up a smidge on the late side...

15. So I picked him up at 6:30, and we raced back home for Sam's 7:00 guitar lesson. Of course Sam had a tantrum when we got home, mostly because he was stressed. Sofia fell asleep in the car, but this time woke up when I tried to transfer her, so she stripped herself naked for her bath...while the guitar teacher was there...

They are ALL asleep (she's on their floor again), and I'm about to pass out myself. They all go back to school tomorrow - HOOORAY!!!!


Tracy said...

Glad to know it is not just my kids that pick out new clothes and shoes and then decide not to wear them. They usually change their mind after they have worn the shoes once or I have pulled all the tags off the clothes and washed them!

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that K is climbing like this when she's S's age!! Hope we make the young play group a go. I've been trying to think of a location.