Monday, October 27, 2008

Calgon, Take Me Away!!!!

Ok, it was a busy enough weekend without all the personalities involved, but...

First the summary:

Friday night, a mom and son from school came for Shabbos dinner. Nice, and we all got to sleep early.

Saturday morning, shul, including the Adult B'not Mitzvah class (grown up women who never had a Bat Mitzvah when they were 13). It was wonderful. I had several friends in the class, and it was a very moving ceremony. And I had Sofia in babysitting for 2 solid hours and the boys were off on their own, so relatively peaceful.

Saturday afternoon, my friend and her daughters came over to hang out. We chatted, and eventually everyone (including ALL the kids) had their nails painted. It was fun.

Saturday night, Micah's birthday dinner at Bugaboo Creek. David missed the bus from Logan, but managed to get to the restaurant not too late. Sofia fell asleep on the way, stayed asleep all through dinner, AND stayed asleep all night...until 5:30 am.

Sunday, David took the boys to soccer (actually, Micah skipped, but went to watch Sam) and I took Sofia to her class. Then home for ...lunch...and arguements... then Micah's birthday party at the Arcade (aka Hell).

Now for the personalities:

Sofia the Sleepwalker

When Sofia does not nap, it used to be that she would get Night Terrors, uncontrolled crying. Now, instead, she has begun to sleepwalk. Last night, I found her wedged into a corner of her bedroom, sobbing, blocked by 2 boxes of sweaters and the door of the bookcase.

Micah the Psychosomatic Asthmatic

Micah is continuing to have "labored" breathing.

Sam the Spaz

I get SO frustrated with Sam. He fights me on everything, and can't seem to get anything done.

David the Bear
David came home feeling left out of the family, and immediately tried to take over. Which meant he was screaming at all of us yesterday. I ended up on the driveway, trying to not cry, and my neighbor came over to give me a hug and commiserate.