Friday, October 10, 2008

Sofia's Fans

I'm attempting to make t-shirts for our team for Sunday's Buddy Walk. What do you think? I spent a small fortune at the craft store (I think I'll return a few items), but I got teal-blue t-shirts for everyone, and fabric iron-on sheets, and pens, and glitter and glue...

Back up: Wednesday morning, I had the worst migraine ever. I'd driven the kids to school, and then raced home because I realized I had not prepared for Thursday's Children's Service for Yom Kippur. So I was frantically searching on-line for a play about Jonah (didn't find one, but found a good version of the story in a book we have).

Suddenly, I could not see. And the migraine was INTENSE. I grabbed my migraine meds (later I wondered whether I'd grabbed the correct bottle, or if I'd taken my mood-meds instead). I waited until I could move a bit, then took a broiling-hot shower (my muscles were a wreck, and I was really in pain from the skin surgery on Tuesday). So I tried to bake it out with the shower, but I actually had to call David and ask him to come home and help me get up. I couldn't even get my baindaids on the surgery sites by myself.

It started calming down, and I took more migraine meds (Fiorecet) before I left to pick up the boys. I also stopped to get a latte (caffeine helps). By the time I picked up the boys, all the meds and caffeine had kicked in and there was NO pain - or feeling - at all.

But the headache did come back again, and the muscle soreness and skin-aches were intense. I'm so glad I didn't have to cook that night! We went to my friend C's for dinner, and then off to services (where I had to stand on my left leg 'cause my right foot hurt do bad!).

Services, however, went off great. Rabbi Sonia and I really work well together (it does help that I adore her! Although I also liked the rabbinical student last year).
Things just came together nicely. I felt like I did more singing, on more pages, than ever before, probably because we had trimmed so many English readings.

So the holiday went well. Laura and Lilie came up, and fortunately Lilie slept a little quieter than last week. Sofia loves Lilie, but gets a bit rough with her, especially when Lilie gets hold of one of Sofia's toys. We spent a lot of time saying "No, Sofia, do not punch your cousin!"

A friend of mine whose son used to be in Sammy's class showed up at the morning service, so I invited them back for break-fast, but I wouldn't tell the kids who the "surprise" guests were. In the afternoon, I made a honey cake ... and now I know why I never make honey cake, it's a very dry and dense item. But tasty with tea.

My babysitter showed up at 5:00, which was good becaue Miss Sofia was napping (on me). We left them home, and went back to shul for the closing service, then raced back. E had set up all the food, and all the company was there - my friend and her 2 kids, our next-door neighbors and their son, and R and J and their 4 kids. Plus the 7 of us, and E. Nice crowd. It was a lot of fun. I really love hosting people! But thank heavens for E, I could never have managed without her!

Today the boys didn't have school due to Professional Development Day for the teachers, but Sofia did. So after we dropped her off, we went to the craft store. We also rode our bikes to pick her up. Lunch, then Micah's friend came over (his family is coming for dinner tonight, and he's sleeping over, we hope, as long as they don't get tired of each other). I sent the 4 kids (including Sofia) into the back yard to play (it's fenced in), and I cleaned the garage! I've got nice organized piles of things to get donated, a pick-up scheduled for BigBrotherBigSister, and calls in to SMOC (for the couch) and BikesNotBombs (for the extra bikes). And there's enough room for David to get the sukkah walls out tonight.

Took the kids for a ride so Sofia would take a nap (works like a charm!), and took the boys to Dairy Queen. Now Sam's playing on the Nintendo and Micah and his friend are doing something downstairs. I have to go iron on transfers and sprinkle glitter-glue on t-shirts...

Tomorrow after shul, the boys are both having a sleep-over at their friends' house. Sunday they have soccer, David will pick them up, then he goes to the airport to go to Mexico for 2 weeks, while we go to the Buddy Walk. My folks are coming up at night. Monday, my dad will lstay here and work while mom comes with me and the kids to a sukkah party. Tuesday we have to go to shul. I have NO idea what we'll do on Wednesday. Thankfully, Thursday the boys will be back in school.


renee said...

love the t-shirt! give me more details on the walk, donating, etc.