Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cluster Migraine, Day 3

Yes, I get migraines. And yes, sometimes they just hang on for days and days.

Monday, shortly after I blogged, I was working on the computer while Sofia watched her after-lunch TV shows (currently Miss Spider). Migraine approached.

Popped a Fiorecet, threw Sofia in the car so we could get our naps done. It took her nearly 45 minutes to fall asleep, while I was already getting very drowsy (the Fiorecet is a combination of Caffeine, which will give a quick jolt, and Butalbital, which knocks me out).

She fell asleep about 2 minutes before I got to the boys' school, so I managed to get about 45 minutes of sleep myself in the car. Migraine lingered all evening.

Tuesday, nasty weather, so migraine full-force. All this week, I've been trying to finalize school-photography plans and flyers, so it's been a little hectic. And this morning I was the songstress for the preschool program at the boys' school, so some planning for that.

Oh, and Tuesday Sofia did not have school because it was Parent/Teacher conference day (but I have requested a Team meeting instead, since I speak to her teacher nearly every day at drop-off). We dropped the boys, went into their school for about an hour for a Family Connection meeting, then I chased her around the building (she found the staff bathroom and immediately dropped-trou!)

Then I took her to the mall. There was a puppet show but she got scared, so we went to the Apple store (got a new case for my phone). Strolled the mall, chased Sofia around.

Had to pick up Sam at 12:45 to take him to the orthodontist and get molds made! Yikes! He's going to need braces.

That was only a 30 minute appointment, so brought him back and raced home. Babysitter came at 2:45, I stopped at hole Foods to get some lunch, and picked up the boys.

Off to piano lesson and Tae Kwan Do. Head still killing me. As soon as the boys went into class, I put my head down on the table and fell sound asleep for the entire 45 minutes - in the middle of the high-traffic area, with my friends and lots of people talking all around me.

Woke up enough to drive home. Since both E and David were home, I gave brief dinner instructions and then locked myself in my room. David thought I was asleep, Micah was very worried about me and kept checking on me. I had to finalize more photography crap, and then I got to sleep early. It was so good not to have to deal with any kid-stuff!

Today, head still hurts. David drove Sofia to school so I could do the Whimsical Wednesday program (it's sort of a "sale" program, bringing in preschoolers who might potentially come to the school in the future). Then picked up Sofia, did more work at home. Then she fell asleep in the car on the way to my therapist's office (left the car running int he driveway - it's a home office).

Raced from there to pick up the boys and go to Micah's 7 year well-child checkup. Sam kept acting up during the visit, and Doc and I laughed that, after all these years, Micah has turned out to be the Good Son! I talked to the doc about Micah's breathing problems. She likes the idea of a Relaxation Techniques "toolkit" for him; she really cannot find anything wrong with his breathing!

Home, just me and the kids tonight. All were whiny or needy, and I was a wreck. Finally I burst into tears - which at least got their attention (well, got Micah and SOfia's attention. Sam only a little).

I fell asleep on Sofia's couch with her, so when David got home at 10:45 from the D.A.D.S. meeting (Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome), he woke me up. Which is why I'm posting this at nearly midnight!

BEST thing that's happened this week (so far):

On Monday, after Sofia got home from school, I was changing her diaper and I noticed that she had red paint on her sleeve. I said something to her about it, like "were you painting with red?"...

... and she made the sign for Fireman and said "fire"! She TOLD me what happened in school!!!!!!! That's never happened before!!!!!!


Tracy said...

Really cool about Sophia!!! I am still waiting for Rachel to tell me about her day. Hope you are feeling better.