Sunday, October 5, 2008

Girl's Weekend in Maine

Whew! Just got back from my weekend with my girlfriends in Maine (at J's house). We had a great tie. J picked me up at 9am, and we met R&D at the grocery store up there (after stopping for wine and mojito mix at a NH state liquor store, cheaper and tax-free). We all got to the house by noon, made a lovely huge salad and started drinking mojitos or wine.

After lunch we walked into Perkins Cove, shopped and meandered, and stopped for Rum Punch along the water. The weather was just gorgeous.

Back to the house to relax. We had a fire in the fireplace (which made it tough for me to breathe, but it was lovely). I napped on the couch while they all kept chatting and drinking and noshing.

We went to see a very baudy show at the local Gay Piano Bar! It was pretty funny, but very raunchy, and I have not been in an environment like that since I left theater. I'm glad we were not sitting up front, 'cause the comedian picked on people mercilessly! We had fun, though (and some good food).

We all got to sleep a bit later than usual - I awoke at 8:30 thinking "oh my, the boys will both already be at their soccer rides by now!". D and I walked into town to the spa and I had a fantastic massage while she had a manicure. We met J&R on our way back, their appointments were a few minutes after ours.

Showered, and met back up with them and we all went shopping some more. It was a very relaxing day (oh, and we had lunch). After a lot of popping in and out of the shops, eventually we found our ways back to the house. R had to leave early to go to a baseball game, so J&D and I sat on the back porch, snacking and chatting. Very relaxed and cozy.

It was so nice to get away, spend time with friends, and relax. The only two "bad" things: 1) David had to fly out tonight for Philly, so I didn't get to see him, and 2) apparently Sofia was 'pining' for me all weekend, and wouldn't eat or do much. Oh well!


amy flege said...

sounds like a wonderful time! ! glad you enjoyed yourself!