Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over (So does the toilet...)

I'm just really happy. No reason. I have three busy, time-consuming kids. My husband travels alot. I don't get enough sleep. But I'm lovin' life. I'm happy, I'm content, I'm pleased with how things are going.

I feel very lucky for that.

Let's see, what's new...

Not much. I had my skin check-up today. Since I had a malignant melanoma in situ 10 years ago, I have to go for frequent full-body checkups. Usually I see a Nurse Practitioner (she was the one who first spotted my bad Spot), but today I got to see an actual doctor. She was great. We removed 3 things - that spot on my right foot that comes and goes without warning, and two things on my back. And they "shave" the area instead of "dig" now, so no more stitches. AND she said I could come back every 4 months instead of 6 months, since I have to many spots to check. I feel MUCH better about that!

Sofia now knows how to open door-knobs. Drats. I tried putting her to sleep last night, and she kept waking up whenever I walked out. I finally shut the door - and about 10 minutes later she came toddling downstairs. Scared the &^*% out of me! So she slept with me until midnight, and it means I got to sleep early.

I took Micah and Sofia to the pediatrician yesterday. Sofia woke up with very chunky breathing, and since they said she'd been listless and very poopy all weekend, I though she needed to be checked. And Micah has been complaining about trouble breathing for a few weeks. I've been chalking it up to allergies and weather, but it was worth a visit.

Sofia probably has a stomach bug, so now she's off Dairy, too, at least for a week or so. Micah probably has a bit of a viral chest infection, so he is to use his inhaler for a few days every 4-6 hours, and then as-needed. Sofia gets nebs in the morning as needed, too.

The boys went on their Apple-Picking field trip today, so I made sure they took his whole med kit (inhaler, epipens and benadryl) with them.

Yom Kippur starts tomorrow night. I think I'm ready. I hope I am.