Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Micah's breathing problems are all...

... in his HEAD!

Yup. We went to see the pediatrician today, and the dear doctor could not find a single thing wrong with the kid! His Peak-Flow results were even better than they should be, his chest is completely clear, all looks fine.

So throughout the exam, she keeps asking him questions, and we finally figure out that it's all really psychosomatic! The poor little kid thinks so much, and he's always been a bit obsessed with death, ever since my grandfather died (at age 102.5) when Micah was 4. Micah has a birthday coming soon, and apparently he told my mom that he was NOT looking forward to it because he "doesn't want to get old and die like Grandpa Benny."

Oy vey. Another nut case in my house.

So, at least there isn't anything physically wrong with him. He's just freaking himself out with worry. Hence the call to my sister yesterday (she's a cardiologist): "Aunt Melissa, can it be that you don't breath but your heart is still beating so you are still alive?"

What the heck am I supposed to do with this kid? Someone please suggest which parenting manual will cover this stuff!

Otherwise, it was a fine day. Sofia went to school (yeah!), and I took the boys for bagels and coffee and some browsing in the bookstore before the doctor's appointment. My neighbor kindly picked Sofia up from school so I didn't have to race from the doc. We all hung out a bit at home, then I dragged them out. Sofia napped in the car while I got the boys donuts, then I took them all for haircuts. Then off to the playground for a while. Sofia's friend L was there. We'd met L and his mom back before Sofia started preschool, and he was in her class last year. I think he's a little older, because he's in a different class this year. But he's a VERY sweet boy, and is extremely protective and solicitous of Sofia. It was adorable to watch him follow her around on the playground, moving bigger kids out of the way and helping her down the slide!

Tonight I took the kids over to my friend D's house for a yummy dinner and good company. Back home, a frantic "take out the garbage" fest, and now they are all asleep (Sofia is on the boys' floor again - this is working FINE for me!).

The boys go back to school tomorrow - YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tracy said...

Poor Micha. I know it can be frustrating, as I have had problems off and on with that for the last twenty or so years. Usually, it lasts just a few days, sometimes for a few weeks. I too was certain something was wrong and had an EKG and pulmonary function test done that said everything was fine. I hope Micha feels better soon.

amy flege said...

oh thats tough. it reminds me alot of myself as a kid. death can be very scary for all ages. I have a panic disorder now and what you are saying reminds me alot of anxiety. give him lots hugs and reassure him all will be OK!

Pam said...

Awww poor Micha!! Dakota has lots of issues with stuff like this. We always just reassure him that he is fine, and just worried. His obsession with everything started around the time Rhett was born.

He also worries about dying in a wildfire or something.

It's rough I know.

Other than that though, you sound like you have fun at your house, can I come live with you? I want bagels, and donuts!! ;)