Sunday, October 12, 2008

Buddy Walk

What a glorious day! But first, the surrounding time...

So Friday, the boys didn't have school. Micah's friend (who is home-schooled) came over around noon, and the 3 boys spent a glorious afternoon together, getting along really well. It gave me some time to start on the t-shirts. The friend's family came for dinner, which was also fun, and then the kid slept over.

Saturday morning, I made pancakes for the boys (and a batch of wheat-free for Sofia), and then we all got ready for shul. This kid's family goes to Chabad, the Orthodox shul 2 blocks from our shul. So we parked at TI and walked down to Chabad (David and Sofia stayed at TI). My foot was aching, I think it was starting to get infected at the surgery point.

Nice enough time at shul (walked back after dropping the kid with his dad), but I was really in pain. We drove home, Sofia fell asleep in the car but woke up on transfer to the crib. David had to go to work - he says he was only gone 2 hours, but it felt like 6. Sam was ok, Sofia was just cranky, and Micah kept having tantrums, crying and slamming doors and kicking things. I was trying hard to finish the t-shirts, but he was being a real pill.

By the time David got home, I was in tears, but the t-shirts were done. David was starting to get really stressed. We packed up the boys for their sleep-over in Wellesley (friends). Drove them over, and of course Sofia fell asleep in the car. After we dropped them off, we went to the mall. This time Sofia transfered to the stroller fine and stayed asleep. Got David some jeans, and spent time in the Apple store. David had lost his iPod, but he wants to buy a 3G, but not yet, so we ended up buying me a new iPod Classic, but he took it with him to Mexico. When he finally buys his phone, I'll get the iPod.

Of course Sofia woke up when we got to the Food Court (Indian food, delicious, but all got so tummy-sick later!). We ate, and then limped back across the mall to the car to come home.

Then the fun started - David hadn't even packed yet, Sofia was wide awake, and I had to help him set up the iPod and do laundry and try desperately to get Sofia to sleep. No luck. She is completely attached to me these days, and wakes in a panic as soon as I walk out of her room, no matter how deeply she'd been asleep.

David had several tantrums, mostly related to the stress of getting ready to go on this trip he doesn't even want to do. So it was a really unpleasant evening. AND my foot was horribly painful. Eventually I soaked it and put a hot compress on, and that helped a lot. Today, David found a moleskin bandage, which also helped keep the pressure off.

Ok. So we didn't get to sleep until nearly 1am, with Sofia firmly pressed against me. David, realizing what a complete jerk he'd been all evening, kindly spent all night keeping her from waking me up, so I did get a bit of sleep.

This morning, finished getting him packed. 9:45, leave to pick up the boys. 10:30 Micah's soccer game ends, we get him, and race to Sam's soccer game, which also ended at 10:30.

Got the boys and their sleep-over stuff, and raced back to Framingham. Dropped David at the Logan Express Bus, and picked up babysitter E. Drove to Wakefield for the Buddy Walk.

Beautiful location, the walk 3 miles around a lake. Our friends, who we had vacationed with this summer, also joined us, so I had Team "Sofia's Fans" t-shirts for all:


Before the walk, the kids got to climb into a firetruck:


Sofia spent the entire 3 miles like this:

But the rest of us had fun:

Of course Sofia woke up in time for lunch:

And I got a picture with my three kids:

For those of you diehard Sofia fans, you can see ALL the photos at our photo website.

Drove back, dropped off E, and came home to find my parents had already arrived. Got all our stuff in the house, relaxed for maybe 8 minutes, then headed back out to Bugaboo Creek for dinner. My parents have been particularly critical this evening, which made us all even more exhausted.

I think all the kids are asleep - I locked myself in my room before Dad came out from trying to get Sofia down again.


MB said...

Just smile and bite your tongue :)
and remember uyou have 3 great kids and one unbelieveably cute husband....appreciative husband....husband who owes you jewelry