Monday, October 13, 2008

Not a bad day

Ok, I have to admit I was worried. Last night, as I mentioned, my parents were both in rare form - really in bad moods, picking on me and the kids. It was stressful.

Well, I guess sleep helped a bit. Dad did not yell at any of my children today, and even took Micah to the playground when requested (much to Micah's pessimistic surprise).

Mom came with me and the kids to a Sukkah party an hour away, and I think she even had fun! The host family's parents were there, and she got into a nice conversation with them. I was able to talk to my own friends and follow Sofia around without too much stress. And I was finally able to meet DN, who is the sister-in-law of the host and also a dear friend of another friend of mine... we've heard about each other for a long time, and were glad to finally meet (and we got along great).

Looong ride back, more than an hour due to traffic, and we had to drop another kid off. When we finally got home, our former babysitter was here with her two current charges. She took Sam and those kids to the playground...Micah was late in deciding, which is why my dad took him. Mom and I slept, while Sofia puttered around the house - but the scary thing was that the back screen door was OPEN! I hadn't realized it, and sure enough I found some toys and books on the back porch when I finally woke up. Which means Miss Daredevil was outside by herself. YIKES! That was a lucky close call - I will be VERY VERY careful to check doors before I allow myself to nap from now on.

Dinner was ok, I grilled and the kids asked Mom to give them math problems to solve (she used to be a math teacher).

Micah had a rough asthma day, and at dinner time he got really scared that he was going to die. Poor baby. I'm glad we have the inhaler and nebulizer, and I hope that this isn't full-blown asthma, but rather just his RAD (Reactive Airways Disease), which looks like asthma but is far more temporary.

Sofia is currently asleep on the boys' floor. I'm afraid to move her yet...