Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Simchat Torah

We had a lovely morning at shul. When I woke up, my ankle felt a whole lot better, so I was able to walk without a problem. We arrived around 10am, during Hallel. Right after that, we took the Torahs out and started the Hakafot. I was thrilled to be able to have several chances to hold a Torah.

Sofia was very funny. She loves music and dancing, so she plunged right in, following the Cantor around and waving a flag or clapping her hands. But eventually she got tired, and she started having people hold her. By "people", I mean only "men". She would not even LOOK at my female friends, but to any man who would hold her, she was a snuggle-puss. My friend D was holding her, and I tried to take her back from him, and she pushed me away!

After the dancing, we sat the kids in the middle of the social hall floor, and the adults unrolled an entire Torah scroll around us. The Rabbi went through the entire scroll, pointing out key sections and stories. One of the MWJDS kids chanted the first few lines of Bereshit - he did great!

Then we took the kids up for the Children's Service. It went well, but the main service was ENDLESS, so we kept having to vamp for more things to do. I read two stories, we did a craft, I led songs, we found a snack, others led some games, and finally we said "enough - let them make noise inthe sanctuary, that'll get the service moving!"

Again, Sofia went to D, and he took her up to the bimah for the closing prayers. D's wife, who is a dear friend of mine, and another friend, told me they had a charming and fascinating Torah conversation with Sammy, who had stayed in main services while we were upstairs.

At lunch, Sammy and his friend A sat with me, and we all had a nice conversation with the Cantor's father-in-law about the day school. Sofia had finished eating, and wandered over to play with her friends on the stage. All of a sudden, I see her amble over to two guys from the congregation, insert herself right between them, hand them some "benchers" (little prayer books used at meals), and sit down to start some singing!

It was a late morning - the service didn't end until after 1:00. I took the kids home, and I got a migraine, so they played and watched Shrek while I slept a bit. Then we took Sam to his therapy appointment, and of course Sofia fell asleep in the car at 3:45. So Micah played on the Nintendo while I read and rested and we waited for Sam.

We stopped at Payless and did manage to find Sam some sneakers (and some hiking boots). Back home for supper...

But Sofia was very whiny when she woke up, Sam hurt his foot getting out of the car, and Micah was suddenly very fearful about his own mortality, because of the asthma attack last night. So I had all of them sitting on me in the Mommy Chair, sobbing.

But they are all asleep now. Phew!


Lindsey said...

Why do you have so many services to attend at the synagogue? Is it still the high holidays I think it's called? Are your kids out of school during this time - do they go to a Jewish school?

FBF Rothkopf said...

The High Holidays consists of about a month worth of holidays. First Rosh Hashanah, celebrated for 2 days. A week later is Yom Kippur. 4 days after that starts Sukkot, which lasts for 8 days. The first two and last day of Sukkot are bigger holidays than the intermediate days; special prayers are said during morning services, and they are just more important than the middle days. Today was the final day, Simchat Torah, to rejoice in the Torah.

Since the boys go to a Jewish Day School, yes, they are off for Rosh Hashanah 2.5 days o every holiday starts at sundown the night before), Yom Kippur (1.5 days), Sukkot (2 days at the beginning, one at the end) and SImchat Torah (1 day). PLUS, the day after Yom Kippur was a Professional Development day for teachers in the town where they go to school, and the following Monday was Columbus Day - most day schools are open on Columbus Day because of all the other holidays eating into the class schedule, but our school is housed in a public school building (we rent the space), so we have to be closed on public hoidays.

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