Friday, September 5, 2008

Finally Friday

Wedensday was a bit of a whirlwind. I had to go to Hebrew College for "Convocation" (beginning of school-year address by the new president to the students). David and then E stayed home with Sofia, and I got home around noon.

Miss Sofia hadn't napped yet, and I tried to keep her occupied while I finished up the desk. Then we drove off. I had to pick up a toddler climbing structure that someone from shul was donating to the school. I had planned to pick the item up, then get the boys, and then later drop the structure at the new school site, but it took up so much room in my car, I had to unload it before I could get the boys.

I had planned to stay on the playground that afternoon, but we had some drama in Framingham - some depressed drunk guy told his wife "I'm gonna get myself killed by the cops" and ran off wielding a knife. A 9-hour manhunt ensued. They locked down several schools in the area. The boys' school was not in lock-down, being somewhat further away from the danger zone, but they still followed certain emergency procedures like no outdoor play and escorted drop-off after school.

So I took the kids for ice cream instead of playing on the playground. All this time, Sofia still had not napped, since she sort of freaked out about the play structure in the car (it invaded her space too much!). After ice cream, Sam had therapy, so the little ones and I stayed in the car and relaxed a bit.

Sofia fell asleep just before we got home at 5. I collapsed on the couch too, letting the boys watch TV a while to chill out (Sam was really stressed about the guy - fortunately they did catch him before he did anything to anyone).

Woke at 6:15, realized that 1) David was going to be coming home late, 2) I needed to get supper going, 3) E was bringing her friend over to meet me when they got out of class at 6:30, and 4) Rabbi S was coming to work on High Holiday outline!

It was sort of a zoo. David didn't get home until after 8:30 (by which time the boys were asleep but Sofia had woken up and was watching TV again). Fortunately E and A could stay and guide the boys through bed-time, so I could start my meeting with the Rabbi. We did get all of Yom Kippur outline done, whew!

Thursday wasn't as bad: Sofia had "Meet & Greet" at school, and then we stayed home a bit and cleaned up. David came home to take us to lunch, but Sofia fell asleep in the car on the way out, so we got take-out and came back home again. I had to unload the bookshelf and move it over so the desk would fit properly, so that kept me busy all day.

Picked up the boys, played on the playground a while, then came home and cleaned. Fortunately E arrived as soon as we got home, so she prepped dinner. First Micah and then Sam and then Micah again had melt-downs. As I was leaving at 6:30, Micah followed me to the door and said "Mommy, as soon as you come home, can you please fire E?" (She'd been trying to get him to eat broccoli).

So I fled the house, and went to a "Handbag Party". I thought that this was going to just be a "see what my products look like and then maybe buy something" but instead, it was much more fun. I got to make my own cigar-box purse!

Here it is, hanging open to dry - - outside has all the stickers, and inside has green velvet with a gold-trimmed pocket:

I had a blast - I love making things!

This morning, Sofia seemed to have a bit of a fever, so David stayed with her while I drove the boys to school, and we missed the second Meet & Greet. I'm not worried, she didn't need the transition time, and after she pooped, she seemed much better. So I've been cleaning the house (in preparation for the cleaning ladies, who have not been here in a month!).

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the Jimmy Buffett concert. Because of the impending storm, they just moved the time of the concert from 8pm to 3pm. So apparently we are leaving at 8am (parking lot opens at 8:30) to meet R&J and J&M for a brunch tailgate instead.

Sunday I am supposed to sing at a festival at shul. Not quite sure what I'm going to sing! But at least if the Jimmy Buffett concert is in the afternoon, I'll have time to regain my voice!


Cynthia said...

Have fun at your concert! I love Jimmy!