Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Living in a daze

Miss Sofia will NOT go to sleep tonight. This is unfortunate for a number of reasons:

1. She's a little kid and needs to sleep
2. I MUST finish recording all the tracks of the service for my bar Mitzvah student
3. I have other work to do
4. It is really tough to type when she's on my lap (it took me 7 tries to type "really")
5. I can't think straight when I'm arguing with her.
6. I'm TIRED! I want to go to sleep!

I have more than 100 people coming to the dinner this Friday; this after one of the staff members suggested we cancel because there was only one reservation on Monday. The caterer needed a head count today, but she's usually good about making extra food. And I'm having the Membership Committee pay for a bunch of prospective member families.l which also means I'll have strong support from the clergy. Yeah! I love running a successful program.

We need a school photographer We used Slayton Studios last year, a national group, but they lost their local-area photographer (to motherhood) and don't have another one yet. And of course I'm in charge of finding one, since I'm the Yearbook Lady.

They had the first Hot Lunch today, and Micah apparently came back for 4 helpings - he ate 16 pirogies! The moms who do lunch were VERY impressed.

I think the new rabbi and I have finished the outlines for all the High Holiday services. I'm still editing the handout, and I need to put together the Children's Service. Some friends have given me a few ideas and skits, I just need to pull it all together. Oh, and practice!

My class is really interesting. The teacher is a good teacher, and the readings are really interesting. I vented on the T21 board about a comment a fellow student made (something about a "Downs baby"), but otherwise everyone is very nice.

David and I went into town to have dinner with our friend S from North Carolina last night; she's here for a convention. Always fun to see S, we have great conversations together. But I was a zombie driving home!

I have to find someone to help me on the day before Rosh Hashanah: the boys have a Taslich program at school at 10:00, and both David and I need ot attend. Then dismissal is at 11:30 - which happens to be when Sofia gets dismissed...7 miles away. Her teacher is going to see if there is any room in the Lunch program, but she thinks it's full.

In the middle of all this, I also have to think about Micah's birthday party (Oct. 26, day after his birthday). Yeah.