Thursday, September 11, 2008

No More Tail for Sam




Boo Hoo. We had to cut Sam's "tail" tonight - I found 6 more nits.

This morning, I was exhausted (having not gone to sleep until after 1:30), so I wasn't going to bring the boys in first thing. I wanted to re-check them anyway.

I spoke to Sofia's school, and they said to have the school nurse check her first thing (preschool is in same building as grades 1&2). I have spoken with this school nurse before, she's a lovely and helpful lady. She not only checked Sofia, but she checked both boys, too! She found 2 more nits on Sam, but then said both boys could go to school. So they did.

I have to keep checking everyone for the next few weeks (I even checked my babysitter tonight, and told her to stop by any time she felt itchy). I'm almost done with laundry.

Sofia is still awake (and I think raiding a tissue box behind me). She took a late nap.