Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm So Excited!

Ok, once you read this, you will realize that I am the only one who will be excited by this, but please, gentle readers, nod your heads and pleasantly say "uh-hu, that's nice" to me.

You see, it all started about 12 years ago, when I met a wonderful man named David. Eventually I married this man, and all was lovely - except that I had to accept his Black Octogonal Corelle meat dishes.

You see, we keep kosher, and what that basically means is that we don't eat milk and meat products we have separate sets of dishes (and pots and pans) for milk and for separate sets for Passover (a whole other set of rules on top of the regular kosher rules) our wedding china.

We picked out a lovely, cheery set of every-day dishes for dairy (unfortunately, the pattern was discontinued soon after our wedding, and we are running rather low on bowls). We also picked out a fancy formal china pattern, but so far we only use that on Passover. If we were to use it during the rest of the year, we could not use it on Passover, which would make it tough to have my gigantic seders.

We eventually got some inexpensive sets for Passover-every-day, too, one as a gift and one as a desperate purchase at Target.

But David, lovely man that he is, refused to part with his Black Octagon Correlle dishes. For those of you unfamiliar with Corelle, it's really thin "break-proof" glass (doesn't break easily, but I have managed to shatter my pre-David set into a bajillion pieces). It's at least 15 years old, which means it's gotten quite a lot of wear and tear. So there are visible knife marks and scratches on just about every piece.

And it's BUTT UGLY!!!!

I have been wanting to get rid of these dishes since we took up housekeeping together many years ago.

So FINALLY, I have found my dishes. And I informed my darling husband that I would be spending some money (oh, the horror!).

I did compromise with him. These new dishes are just as plain, devoid of printed design, as the Black Octagons. But there is a swirl pattern in each piece, and they are a lovely "Claret" (sort of brownish/burgundy) color.


(see, I told you I would be the only one excited by all this. Thanks for humoring me.)

I have had a busy social week. Wednesday night I went to dinner with a group of moms from the day school, to celebrate our friendship with one particular mom who is undergoing chemotherapy. She had a great time, as did we all. Last night I got to go our for a drink with my friend D (David had gone out with her hubby on Tuesday).

Yesterday afternoon, Sofia was walking around with a toy phone, very seriously saying "Yeah, uh-hu, eat, eat, ok. Bye." over and over again. Apparently that's all she hears me talk about...

Here's a nice article someone sent to David.

Tonight our friends who we vacationed with are coming for dinner (on the new dishes!). Tomorrow we'll go to shul, then in the late afternoon visit some college chums of David's and go to dinner with them and their daughters. I don't know if the boys will have soccer on Sunday; it's monsooning right now. Sofia's music class will not meet this weekend. In the afternoon, Sammy is going to a birthday party (cute story: I asked the birthday boy what he wanted me to get for his birthday. "Oh, anything Polemon or anything that I could return at Target." I asked, "So it's ok if I get you a potholder?" "Yes, as long as the gift receipt hasn't expired." This morning I bought him a potholder...oh, and some Pokemon cards....)


datri said...

ROFL! We actually have those black octagon dishes. Fortunately, they have been relegated to the back of the closet!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

You gave me some good chuckles all through that post! My kitchen cabinets aren't big enough for your dishes alone!

amy flege said...

oh i love dishes!!!! i am huge fiestaware fan, myself.. have fun with those new dishes!! woohooo!!

Lori said...

I love the dishes - they are super cute and are definitely meat dishes :) Hope you guys are having a great weekend.