Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My little wild child

Sofia's "engine was running hot" this morning (a very sweet phrase Micah's kindergarten teached taught him last year). David first heard her at 5:45 am - she was flushing the toilet...repeatedly. He pulled her out of there, but a few minutes later he had to go look for her again. She'd gone into the boys' room, and was making Micah's new plastic dolphin ("Dolly" of course!) squeak. He pulled her out of there, and plunked her in our room in front of an Angelina Ballerina DVD (what else!).

In the car on the way to the boys' school, she was kicking and verbalizing like crazy. We dropped the boys, and then parked, and she made a bee-line for the playground. But she wouldn't let me set one foot on the playground.

"Momma - DIT!" ("sit" in Sofia-language).

After about an hour on the playground, we attempted to run a few errands. We got her bangs trimmed (she climbed into a chair by herself, because she had a better view of the TV that way). I had to stop at the pediatrician's office to get some papers signed for Micah's meds, and Sofia just plunked herself into the toy area. And didn't want to leave...until she decided to say "bye" to everyone in the building first.

As soon as we pulled up to the office supply store, she screamed "RUN", because that's where she likes to do her running. Sure enough, as I was attempting to submit a copy job, she was running off down an aisle.

I let her run around a bit, and I checked out the furniture. I finally found the perfect desk for the boys! It was on sale for $99. It doesn't match anything in the room, but nothing else matches, either. And this one is big enough for everything I need to put there. But it turned out to be too big for the space, I'm going to have to move the bookcase now...

I finally resorted to driving around until she fell asleep! She slept nearly 2 hours, which gave me time to start building the desk, and then have a nice chat with the babysitter (whose college schedule got completely switched on her!). Sofia woke just as I was about to leave. Whew.

Picked up the boys, and took Micah to his first piano lesson! He loved it. The teacher said Micah was already way ahead of what he (the teacher) had expected. Micah insisted on practicing as soon as we got home - he can already play a bunch of songs!

This year I put both boys in the same Tae Kwan Do class, but I think Sam is going to want to switch to the 5:30 class soon, since most of his TKD friends are in there instead. That's going to be a long afternoon for me - especially if E's friend cannot cover the 2:00 - 4:30 time slot (E's class got moved). I can't even imagine what I'll do if I have to watch Sofia at TKD again - I'll pass out, that's for sure!

Since David was going out tonight, too, E stayed until Sofia was asleep, and I got to mostly finish the desk. I just have to nail the backboards on (not while kids are sleeping, though), and then figure out how to fit it into the corner...