Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just musing

What a morning. Micah was too tired to get dressed, and was moving vvvveeeeerrrryyyy ssssllllooooowwwwwllllyyyy. Sofia was in a MISERABLE mood, and kept screaming, mostly at Sam - who was, of course, in a bouncy and excessively happy mood (just to be out-of-synch). the boys got to school half an hour late, and then I had to turn right around and drop off Miss Sofia. Framingham seems to have construction EVERYWHERE, so traffic is a nightmare.

Glad to be home, at least for another hour or so. I can't decide whether to nap or go get my (miserably short) nails done.

Just finished making our Rosh Hashanah card for 5769:


I have to send it out in email - I only print it now for the great-grandmas.

I'm getting more and more frightened by Politics. There are several interesting articles in Newsweek this week about Palin. She really scares me now.

High Holiday services are shaping up nicely, although apparently there are some personality conflicts again (I love walking in "blind" each year...). I finished the Handout, and we are done with the Rosh Hashanah outlines. Rabbi S. still has to decide which Enlgish readings can be assigned out for Yom Kippur. Oh, and I should probably practice singing, right? I'm trying to learn a lovely tune for Psalm 23. I have the sheet music, and a recording, it's just got a lot of syllables to fit into the melody line.

Micah is doing really well with piano lessons. The teacher is very impressed; he had not planned ot start him on 2-handed playing so soon. Micah is very very focused.

Sam started with a new guitar teacher on Sunday night, here at our house. Sam seemed happy, but has yet to pick up the guitar again this week. Less focused...

Sofia was crabby and low-energy yesterday, but would not take a nap. Crabby again today; I hope she's not coming down with a cold.

David is sick, post-nasal drip, sore throat, etc.

I'm trying hard to stay healthy; I hate having to sing while sick. The first year I had a cantorial gig, I went to the emergency room the morning before the first services, because I had a sinus infection! So far, so good, I'm just trying to avoid getting breathed on by anyone.

I'm gonna take a nap now...


Tracy said...

Hope you, and everyone else, can stay wel for the holiday. It is so hard with three little ones exchanging germs all the time. The are always so willing to share them with their siblings and mom and dad. Take care.