Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rainy weekend

Friday night dinner was lovely. I had taken two of K's kids home after school ( I just can't fit 6 kids in my minivan, we only got the 7-seater, and none of them are big enough for the front seat yet). The boys are extra girl played really nicely all afternoon, and Sofia managed to not be too horribly toddlerish.

K and her youngest (in Micah's class) arrived around 5, and dinner ws making the house smell yummy - I made a turkey breast (just olive oil, honey, orange juice, and some salt & pepper), and fresh challah, and warmed up some leftover drumsticks for the kids, and rice and veggies.

Because the room that should be a Dining Room is 1) small and 2) chock-full of toys, we entertain in the kitchen. Which is also small. And our table is not huge. We can comfortably put 6, tightly squeeze 8. So now we set up my parents' old bridge table also, for the kids. This time, only the 3 boys sat there, since both of K's daughters wanted to be near her.

But it was nice. This is the family we vacationed with this summer, and the 6 kids get along great. Theirs whine and fight exactly the same as ours.

It's been pouring since Friday, so yesterday morning we were all too tired/lazy to get up and go to shul. Just stayed home and relaxed most of the day; I even got to take a nice long nap! Of course, Sofia has already broken one of my new bowls - good thing they are only $1.99 at Christmas Tree Shop!

Around 3:30 we left to visit friends up in Woburn. David went to college with these two, and they have 2 daughters; one is a year older than Sam and the other is about 10 months younger than Micah. Micah and the younger one got along GREAT. We saw their new house, and then went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. The girls brought GameBoys, so the 4 kids sat at one end of the table totally not bothering us. Sofia chowed. She really likes spicy food!

Poor Sammy has a head-cold, and doesn't feel great. David has been sick all week. And now I'm afraid I am getting it, too. YUCH> It sucks to be sick over the holidays, especially when I have to sing for 3 solid days (I'm the Cantorial Soloist here in Ashland). I hope I manage to keep it at bay.

NO soccer again today because of the rain. Sam is supposed to go to a birthday party at 1:00, but we'll see how he feels.

Cleaning out Sofia's room. I have a big bag and box of clotthing for Laura to take home this week for Lilie, and two giant vacuum-pack bags of hand-me-downs in sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7 waiting for Sofia. Her closet is CLEAN. I still have to go through the dresser drawers, but I've been doing that more often, so it should be quick.

L'Shana Tova Umetukah - Happy and Sweet New Year to all. (Rosh Hashanah starts Monday night, it's the Jewish New Year, and I won't be posting much this week until after Wednesday night.).


Cynthia said...

Hope you all are feeling better soon!