Sunday, September 7, 2008

No Longer a (Parrothead) Virgin

Yes, I finally attended my first Jimmy Buffett concert! Yeah! I now believe that the world would be a MUCH MUCH better place if everyone attended at least one Jimmy Buffett concert, especially the pre-concert tail-gating party.

R&J and the babysitter showed up at our house at 8am (the concert was moved to 3pm due to the impending storm). We caravaned down, picked up two more guys named Dave (David's business partner and his best friend), and got to the parking lot around 9am. Set up the tent, the grill, the tables, the food. Commenced eating ... and of course drinking.

David, Dave, and R (yes, she's wearing a shell-bra, a grass skirt, and rubber boots!):

R's hubby J:

Our tent...

I was most amazed by how kind everyone was. We met so many people, sharing drinks, jello shots, stories, and laughter. Everyone was warm (well, sweaty, too!) and welcoming. There were people I normally would NEVER meet, but we sat down and chatted and had a lovely lovely time.

The concert itself was great. Fortunately our seats were inside the pavilion; it monsooned during the show, and the folks in the lawn seats were drenched. He played a long concert, more than two and a half hours.

We tailgated (no alcohol this time) for more than an hour afterwards, to avoid the traffic and continue the party. I was so beat by the time we left. We had to stop by another friend's house to make an appearance at her previously scheduled party, but I really wasn't feeling well by then, so we left after 20 minutes. I was asleep before 10pm.

Today was busy. We went to a picnic for the day school. We took 2 cars, so I left David and the kids there and I went to the Open House at shul. I had to staff the table for my Early Childhood Education Committee, and I had been scheduled to sing (they ended up not needing me, whew). It was HOT, since it was all set up in the parking lot with no shade, but it was ok. David and the kids eventually showed up, and he then took Sofia home.

After that, I took the boys to REI so they could climb (there's a rock-climbing structure at the local store, open to the public on weekends). Sam was awesome, climbing the two toughest faces like the pro that he is becoming. Micah tried a simpler face a few times. The first time he only got a few feet up; the 2nd time he got about half-way before he stopped. He's the kind of kid who needs to know he's going to do it all perfectly before he'll really try it. So he studies Sam.

I took the boys for a snack, and David and Sofia met us and we went into Newton for kosher Chinese food. Then came home, got them to bed, and now I'm the only one still awake.

I start school tomorrow night, and Sofia starts in the morning. Yeah!


Cynthia said...

There is nothing like a Jimmy concert! It feels like it was another life when I last was at one.
Glad you had fun, and hope you are feeling better!

amy flege said...

oh my! that looks like a blast!!!!!!!