Sunday, July 27, 2008

End of weekend

Whew. I'm tired! It's been a fuzzy sort of week. Let's see...

I had Jury Duty on Thursday morning, but first...David woke up barfing (something he ate didn't agree with him). So I had to do the whole morning routine with the kids before I could get out of the house. It was monsooning, but I still managed to get to Newton fairly early. They tell you to be there at 8:30 - but they didn't even open the door until 8:25, and it was really raining! Yikes.

There were only 18 of us (3 no-shows). We waited a few hours, at at about 10:30 the judge came in. We were dismissed, but he talked to us for about half an hour about the importance of jury duty. He was great.

So I got a "vacation day", and went to the maill for a bit. Got a manicure and pedicure (I don't usually go to the mall for that, but I wanted indoor parking), and walked around a bit.

Came home, did some tinkering on my bike (as long as my babysitter was still there). I think I have ADD. I can't focus on anything for long!

Friday was beautiful weather. I hung out with Sofia at home in the morning, cleaning in preparation for the cleaning ladies, and after we picked up Sam, we went to the pool. I was there 5 hours. My friend N and her kids joined us.

Sofia LOVES the water. The girl has no fear, and is already starting to kick and tries to blow bubbles. In the kiddie pool, she floats around on her belly with a noodle. At pone point, she did a face-dive right into the kiddie pool, came up laughing.

David picked up Sam around 3:30 to take him out to the Berkshires to meet his father. Sam got to spend the weekend with his grandfather. I gave the little ones an early dinner, and the three of us passed out on Micah's bed before David got home.

Saturday, Micah work up impossibly early to play on the computer. We went to shul; Sofia was doing great in babysitting, but then she fell and was crying and needed some Mommy time.

She fell asleep in the car on the way home, and David passed out shortly thereafter. Micah and I took a bike ride (FINALLY - my first ride on my new bike!), and then we woke up David so we could clean out the garage. Got rid of lots of carboard, and David has PROMISED to take away the ancient car-seats, the twenty-year old double-stroller (was a hand-me-down when Micah was born) and the busted sewing machine. I took pictures of all the extra bikes and some toys, and posted on Craig's List.

We went over to another friend's apartment to swim in her pool a bit, and went to dinner with D&E and their girls. Different dynamic without Sam, much more peaceful!

Today, David was grumpy and morose, so he got in a fight with Micah. I took Micah with me - Sofia got to go to her first birthday party! It was at a Gymboree, and she just loved it. Micah is friends with the girl's older brother, so he had a blast, too.

After the party, we did a quick grocery stop, and then both kids fell asleep in the car. It was cute, they were sitting next to each other, and in the exact same position. I drove around for a while, and then I was going to take a nap with them in the driveway, but Micah woke up. So I transferred Sofia to her bed, Micah played more computer, and I passed out.

Micah woke me just in time to transfer Sofia back to the car and take him to the 2nd birthday party. This was a combined party - his friend T and the sister of the girl from this morning's party! David met us there, 'cause Sam was invited too.

I took Sofia to Starbucks and bought the toddler-carrier for my bike. Then met the boys, and came home. Micah passed out before I even got dinner done. Sam was bouncing off the walls, so David let him watch "Robots" before going to sleep. I posted all the pictures from my dad's party.

David just asked me "what 'cha writing? Anything good?" I said "no". He thinks that's funny. He's a boy.

Seriously, I do think I have A.D.D. It's impossible for me to concentrate...unless I'm playing Mahjong on my iPhone...


Tracy said...

You make me tired just reading your blogs! I have some stuff on my blog now, but is is just a lot of pictures for the moment. Hope to get it more current in the future. Thanks for the info, I finally got the slideshow going with photobucket. The blog address is