Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sam's Art

Sammy had his Art Night at camp tonight. I had a babysitter (my neighbor, home from college) babysit the little ones, got Micah a ride home from the bus, and I got to have "Mommy & Sammy Time" for a few hours. We walked around Newton Center a bit, then went to Taam China, the local Kosher Chinese restaurant. We shared a Pu Pu Platter (Sam is still disturbed by the name, but he liked the food).

We got back to the JCC early, so he was able to show me his artwork (they have all the kids' work on display for Art Night). It turns out that Sam and his friend Y were the only kids to chose PrintMaking as an elective, and they had tons of prints (all of the following close-ups are Sam's work!):

He also had a few paintings up. I was just amazed at his work. This is the third year Sam has attended this camp, an Arts & Drama camp, and his work has grown so much in those years. I was so proud!

Eventually we also got to watch his show, and I hadn't realized that Sam had a singing solo! It was "High School Musical" (in case you don't recognize it), and they had three different groups do sections of the play, so Sam was only in the first Act.

He's wearing a lab coat, 'cause he was one of the Brainiacs. It's a wee bit too long on him. And the girl is a full head taller, which made it interesting when they had to do a spin under his arm...Welcome to the next 5 years of Sam's life.


Michelle said...

His artwork is wonderful! I wish I had some art talent like that!

Eli said...

I finally got to see what Sam did. How cool is that art! He must really be proud of himself I can't wait to show A + A his singing tomorrow too!