Monday, July 7, 2008

Just some random musings:

This morning, on the way to take Micah to the bus, I noticed that, every so often there was a loaf of french bread on the road. Apparently a bakery truck did not have everything locked in tight. But it looked like Manna from Heaven - it's raining bread!

I made a shiva* call tonight (see below for definition/explanation). One of Micah's friend's grandmothers had passed away, and the kid's mom is my friend, too. They belong to a local Reform shul, but their rabbi is in Israel, so someone from the congregation led the service. I knew several people there. Mid-way through the service, however, the guy who was leading could not remember how a certain prayer went. Most of the group was very ...I guess "timid" their ability to participate in Hebrew, so he asked for someone to take over. And of course one of my friends blurted out "Francine, you do it." So I ended up leading that section.

[*Definition/Explanation: in Jewish tradition, burial occurs within 24 hours of death, and then the immediate relatives (children, siblings, spouses and/or parents) "sit shiva" in their home for 7 days. Usually there are specific calling hours, including a brief service. Non-mourners visit to comfort the mourners.]

It made me really reflect on how Jewishly literate my congregation is. The few of us who were there from TI are all regular attendees. While we still have many "beginners", we have many many people who would feel comfortable leading a service, and there is never a shiva minyan (service) without someone completely comfortable leading. It made me appreciate what we've got.

Miss Sofia starts summer camp tomorrow - yeah! A few hours to myself! I took her to the pool this afternoon, and she ran me ragged. That kid just LOVES the water.

Tomorrow is Micah's camp Family Night, so I have to pick up Sam and race to Micah's camp. Last year I got hopelessly lost, so I'd better go check the directions...