Monday, July 21, 2008

Whew, it's Monday!

First, I've gotta share the latest article by Beverley Beckham.

Ok, now dry your eyes, and say thank you once again for all the wonderful people we've met during this journey.

Now, onward to photos from the weekend. First, the summary - Sunday's get-together with David's cousin and some close family friends was lovely and relaxing. We didn't get home until after midnight, so both boys skipped camp today (OH MY but they WILL go tomorrow!). Sofia had her first swim lesson this morning, and just loved it. We will go every Monday for the summer.

So now I'm home, and downloading the photos from the party. Kids are vegging and watching TV or videos. We should go to the pool again, or should take naps...

Argh. Photobucket is apparently having some difficulty tlaking to my pictures, so I'll post again later.


Oh, I exceeded my monthly bandwidth limit...

So I took a break to talk to my girlfriends on the phone (three of them all pick up their kids at the shul bus stop from camp, so they called me). Then Sofia threw up on me (she was sitting on my belly while I was laying down talking on the phone...Pizza and an ice pop do not mix!). Then I made a video, so let's see if I can post this now:

(My cousin Jenny's daughter, Lily Iris, is only 4 days older than Lilie! My nieces, Hannah & Julia, are 6 weeks older than Sammy).

And here's a short one from Sunday's get-together. It was my gang, Laura & Lilie, my in-laws (yes, they came!), Great-Grandma Ruth, Heather and Peter and their boys Alex & Ian, and family friends Stacey & Hilary, with Stacey's girls Hannah & Ava. Kid ages:
- Hannah is six weeks older than Sofia
- Ava is 4 months older than Ian
- Ian is 2 weeks older than Lilie
- Alex just turned 5 in April

Can you tell I like to hold babies?!


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you and your beautiful family. Looking forward to getting together again soon!