Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fabulous News

I just got an email from Sofia's cardiologist:

The echo did look good. There is a small communication at the level of the atrial septum and a small patent ductus arteriosus. The heart function was normal. She does not need any intervention for these findings. We should see her in 2 years

Woo-hoo! Two whole years! Hooray!

They will forward a copy of the echo to my sister (who is also a cardiologist, and wants to take a look). That is just so great!

In other news, see what we did yesterday:

Yup, La Principessa got a very funky haircut (or, as Micah said rather angrily this morning, "Mom, that's E's haircut!"). Sam and I also got cuts; Micah has to wait until he's done with camp.

Less happy was a small conversation with Sofia's teacher yesterday. Nothing bad, mostly that Sofia had a great day (as usual) and was "talking" alot. But then the teacher leaned down and said "Sofia, show MOmmy the new word I taught you today."


Yup, "cow". Like she's been saying and signing for well over a year. That's the NEW word!

Teacher proceeded to claim responsibility for just teaching her "green".

I somewhat pushy-parently instructed my darling daughter to show ALL the colors she knows (and has known for some time), along with a few other animals in her vast repertoire.

Sigh. Summer school. Different personnel.

(Sofia just stole my phone, and it "talking" to someone on it now...)

Last night, David and I went out for sushi with old friends. It was yummy (and I got just a wee bit tipsy - something about mixing a blueberry martini with 3 shots of sake AND a migraine pill...)

This morning, the guy from the art gallery FINALLY brought over and hung our two new paintings. Whew. I am amazed we found places to make them fit; they are large and my walls are not.

Yesterday, I bought a bike!!!!!! Soo exciting. I've been riding the same Trek Jazz Voltage for almost 20 years. Last time I tried to get it tuned up, they said it would cost more to tune it than to buy a new one.

So I got a Diamondback Wildwood Comfort Bike. Nice upright ride, not meant for much other than cruising around with my kids, which is all I can do anymore anyway.

Unfortunately it's raining all week, so I haven't gotten to use it yet. I took Sam's bike in for it's 30 day tune-up today, will pick up this afternoon.

Miss Sofia has not had a nap yet, and she keeps growling at me. Hmmm. Maybe I should go for a drive...

Oh, I remember the other thing I wanted to comment on. My friend J forwarded me this blog entry from Greek Tragedy. Take a look and then come back...

Ok, what do you think? I tend to agree with those moms she quizzed; we do have a responsibility to take possession of the language that describes our children. My daughter IS "mentally retarded", but to call her "a retard" is (aside from grammatically questionable) just plain mean. It's like "the N word", and the arguement that, although the general population is not allowed to use it, those whose skin is darker can use is, as long as it is with humor. I just don't think it's funny. Ever. So why use it?

Yes, I admit that sometimes I see a situation and I think to myself "that is just so retarded." However, 1) I do not voice that out loud, and 2) I find myself with that word in my mind when it is grammatically appropriate - "this situation is so much slower than it should be, not quite up to a typical level of functioning."

So what do you all think?


Anonymous said...

hi from "J" who sent the post. Stephanie from Greek Tragedy tends to be shocking or devil's advocate in whatever she writes whether it's about sex, food, love etc.

I did tend to find this one offensive although she was talking about her own kid and not knowing how that feels I can't judge....

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I think her haircut looks cute. So glad the cardiology report was good. Gabi is due to go to hers, too.

amy flege said...

oh i love the new do!! soo cute!!!!

Tracy said...

Hey Francine,
I just love your blog and getting to see all the recent pictures. I have been inspired by your blog to start one of my own. I used the same site you are using-blogger. I wanted to know how you get the photo slide shows in yur blog. I can add one photo at a time or add a video, but I cannot get the photo slide show. Keep blogging, I love feeling connected to you guys through the blog and pictures.
Tracy Keirnan