Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News in Brief

This past weekend was the National Down Syndrome Congress annual convention in Boston. Thursday night, one of the moms posted on the T21 board that she had left her daughter's suitcase home, so I raced in Friday morning with a bag of size 6 clothing (from our hand-me-down stash). We went to Faneuil Hall with some families, walked to the Children's Museum with one family, but Sofia fell asleep, so then I went to the Trade Center for the conference.

It was soooo incredible to see everyone - both my online friends, and just the whole crowd of people of all ages with Down syndrome. All over Boston, wherever we went, we saw lots of people.

I went home around 5 - David was suposed to collect the boys, but I made dinner. Saturday we went back in, did the convention for most of the day. The boys were extremely well behaved, especially during the two sessions they sat through. I was very proud of them.

We went home at dinner time again, because David wasn't feeling well. Sunday we went back in, met a bunch of friends at the Aquarium, had lunch at FanHall, walked back (the boys went running through the sprinklers on the Greenway and got soaked!), and drove down to Sharon to swim in the lake and have dinner with more friends.

Very late nights all weekend. I was so wiped out!

David is excessively stressed with work. I am trying had to keep him from having to do stuff with the house, but he keeps thinking he needs to. Sigh.

Sam's camp show is tonight. I got a sitter for Sofia and Micah so I can concentrate on Sammy.


Michelle said...

It was so nice to meet you and your family in Boston! Thanks for taking the time to show us how to get around downtown Boston :)