Thursday, July 10, 2008

Odd Telephone

Sofia just walked past me, holding the TV remote up to her ear like a telephone and sayig "yeah, hi, uh, hi, yeah." Hmmm, I wonder who she is talking to!

She had a slight fever this morning, so no preschool. She seems better now; she had a long nap this morning.

I went to dinner with The Girls last night, my 'posse' - all three of them have daughters in Sam's class, and we've been friends at least since kindergarten year (J and I have been friends since we were pregnant with the now 9 year olds). It was great to get together with these ladies.

Gorgeous gorgeous day today. Clear blue sky, not at all humid. I was actually able to open the windows and turn off the air conditioner! I'll take Sofia to the pool in a while, and David will pick up Sam and meet us (and Micah) there for dinner.

I'm soooo tired now. Sofia was awake very early, because she didn't feel well. And she napped in the car while we were driving to my therapy appointment, so I could not join her in the nap.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, the National Down Syndrome Congress Annual Convention in Boston. I can't wait to meet all my on-line friends (and their kids!), and I am looking forward to seeing David and Sam and Micah have time to immerse in the DS community a bit.


I just reviewed my last few posts, and I owe a few updates:

Sam's anxiety/panic attacks seem to be calming down. I figure that 2 weeks with my mother is enough to give anyone anxiety attacks!

I took Sam to the guitar store on Sunday, and we brought along my guitar to compare. It turns out that MY guitar is just perfect for him. The student guitar they had on sale was way too small, and the others are too big. So instead of buying a new guitar, we bought a cool case for him, and I "gave" him my guitar. He is very happy about it, and looks so cute with the guitar case strapped to his back.

Last night at the pool, Sofia just wanted Micah to hold her in the water; she kept pushing me away. He was very good-natured about it, and enjoyed the attention.

Right now Miss Sofia is dancing along to the "Move & Groove" Signing Times DVD, singing her own "song" and waving toys in the air.