Thursday, July 17, 2008


Tomorrow Sofia has her sedated echo at Boston Children's Hospital. This is just routine; she hasn't had an echo in two years, and they need to see how things are going on that little ticker of hers. It's tough to do a clear echo on a toddler. I do know a few people whose kids get it done without sedation at this age, but I guess it depends on the child's activity level - and Miss Sofia is certainly ACTIVE!

So we'll drop Sam at the neighbor's house to wait for his ride (he's psyched, since it's B's birthday tomorrow and they can play together for a while before camp), then drop Micah at the bus (another mom will put him on it), and off we all go to Boston. We both have to go, because they recommend having 2 adults, so someone can watch Sofia during the drive home in case she has any breathing problems (from being too sedated).

Today I had to drop off Micah, do a quick grocery run, drop the groceries home, drive Sofia to school, drop the minivan at Toyota for its 60K checkup, take the shuttle-van home...collapse. Walk over to pick up Sofia at noon, feed her lunch, make cookies for my dad's party this weekend, try to get Sofia to go to sleep, wait for the shuttle van to pick us up, transfer Sofia (who fell asleep in the shuttle) from that van to my own without waking her up, drive back to Sherborn to meet Sam's ride, race back to the pool club to get Micah (the bus counselor kindly watched him for a while), swim, try desperately to wake a sleeping toddler (eventually I poured water on her), swim with her, bring everyone home, cook dinner (while David took all three kids for a bike ride), eat, do the bedtime routine.

Whew! Are we having fun yet?


Michelle said...

I hope everything went well with her echo and they were able to get a good look at her heart!