Monday, July 28, 2008

More Me-anderings

First, Happy Birthday to Amy F. at The Flege Farm. And welcome to the blog-sphere, my friend Tracy at The Keirnan Clan. Tracy and I know each other in a very odd way - her husband was a dear friend of mine all through junior high and high school. I used to hang out with him and his sisters all the time. Turns out, their third daughter also shares that little "something extra" with Sofia!

Sofia had her second swim lesson this morning, and loved it again. She jumped right in without any fear whatsoever. I am really glad I opted for a private lesson. There is no way she would wait patiently for her turn with two other kids in the class.

She fell asleep on the way home (we were going to have a snack before picking up Sam), so I got to work on the bike seat some more. Picked up Sam, put Sofia in her bed, and finally got the whole bike seat put together. It's a Bell Cocoon Child Carrier. It is supposed to detach easily, and cost about half of the standard seats. Pain in the butt to install, but once it's on, it looks like it'll be fine.

As I was watching Sofia at her swim lesson and yesterday at the Gymboree party - I got to thinking about "normal" and "typical". When Sofia says or signs one word to me, it encompasses such a huge mental conversation, that I just take it for granted that she is fully speaking to me. I forget totally that other kids her age or younger can say several words at a time. I forget that she is anything other than "typical". She is totally typical...for Sofia. She communicates clearly (watching her swim was fun, because she likes to issue commands to the teacher, who generally had no problem understanding). She makes her demands understood. She is as "three" as she can be. So what if she's shorter than most three year olds and uses fewer words. She's simply Sofia - perfect, as far as I am concerned.


Tracy said...

I finally remembered to get back to you re: your question about the girls standing next to Rose. It is Mary Lou. Check out the blog...he'll see the big board (I think that is right, if not just go to my site and it is listed in my favorite blogs) That is Rose's new site and she has a picture of Emily on it. Take care.

amy flege said...

aww thanks for the birthday wishes!!
you are so sweet...and yes..sofia is perfect!!!!