Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good Echo, Great Party

Sofia's echo went fine. David did come with me, which was good, since he can actually understand what he sees on the screen. We dropped the boys off at their respective rides, and got to the hostpital about half and hour early. We eventually got in, and they gave Sofia the chlorylhydrate around 11:20. She was asleep by noon.

They got great pictures. We have not yet spoken with her cardiologist, but according to the attending and the fellow who were doing the scan, the ASD is teeny-tiny, and there's one hole that, although a fairly large hole, is competely covered with tissue. We are not sure what that means for the long term, but for now that is great.

She was floppy-exhausted all the rest of the day. We raced home, dropped David off, raced back to the shopping area to get Dad's birthday present and find the cookies my mom insisted I bring to the party. Micah's bus was half an hour late to arrive, so we didn't get home until after 5:30. We were supposed to go to shul for dinner and I was part of a group leading services, but I cancelled us. We were all too exhausted.

Saturday, Sam went to our neighbor's birthday party and we packed up the car. Picked him up and drove down to my sister's house for my father's 70th birthday party. It was so lovely. About 75 people came. It was hot out, but shady in the back yard, so after a while we adapted to the heat. TONS of food (as you would expect from my mother). All the brisket (2 whole briskets) got eaten, and lots of everything else.

It was so nice to see the whole family. I'll post photos Monday from home (I'm at my sister's now). Today we are heading down to David's cousin's house for a family get-together, which will also be fun.


amy flege said...

oh good!! I am glad everything went ok with sweet sofia's echo!!
sounds like your fathers birthday party was great fun!

Michelle said...

glad to hear that everything went ok w/the echo!