Monday, July 7, 2008

Our July 4th Weekend

We went down to Sakonnett to my friend's summer cottage on Friday. The kids had a great time. The boys and H&A spent a lot of time and energy digging a "Hermit Crab Habitat", while Sofia loves jumping waves and digging in the sand. She also decided to CLEAN the railings, the flowers, the chairs and the cars.

Saturday and Sunday were fairly relaxing. David and I were both still very jet-lagged, so we slept late Saturday, then in the late afternoon went to D&E's house. Sunday I dropped David and the little ones at the pool, and took Sam to Guitar Center. They were having a sale. I was fully ready to buy him their Yamaha Student Guitar package, but it turns out that guitar is smaller than my old one, which is in turn smaller than a full-size. So instead, we bought him a nice cloth carry case, and now he looks awesome with the guitar strapped to his back. I also bought a darbuka drum for myself!
Now all I need is a teacher!