Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Return to Real Life

I will write a more detailed report, but to sum up:

- French Polynesia is still beautiful, despite the changes the last 10 years have brought.
- David and I "reconnected" and had a wonderful time together.
- I SLEPT hours on end for the first few days - guess I had some catching up to do!
- We rented a motor scooter on Moorea and bikes on Bora Bora, and in both cases circled the entire island (I was soooo sore after the bike ride).
- We mets lots of nice people, both locals and tourists
- I missed the kids, but not overwhelmingly so, until the last couple of days.

We got home around midnight, after a full 24 hours in transit. My mom, of course, greeted us with a list of what is wrong with our house (too much stuff) and our family (Sam apparently really knows how to manipulate the strings, and gave her a big woe-is-me about the guitar I didn't buy him).

I have to pick up Sam from camp, Micah and Sofia are home. I will try to make it though the day, but go to sleep when the kids do.

And for your reading pleasure, Beverly Beckham's latest article about her granddaughter Lucy.